The History of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Rho Kappa Chapter

State University of New York College at Old Westbury 

Tribute and Support 

On May 5th, 1972 seven visionary men pledged and were initiated under the auspices of Delta Chi chapter but were students at Adelphi University. These  men were named as charter members of Theta Epsilon Chapter (380). Theta Epsilon Chapter was the first African American Greek letter organization to be chartered on a college level on Long Island. The Brothers of the Theta Epsilon chapter seated at Adelphi  University initiated 18 men into Alphadome in the fall semester of 1974 Mean Machine line, 15 of those men attended C.W. Post College.

Thirteen (13) more in the spring were initiated Ashanti Ram.The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Kappa Rho chapter, (435) charter seat at C.W. Post have initiated men into the ranks of Alphadome since April 19, 1975. During the spring semester of 1977 that Kappa Rho chapter begin to open it's portals to Negro men interested at State University of New York College at Old Westbury . The said motion carried and during the same semester the Intense Unification Manifestation line crossed with men such as.


Michael Francis                                                      George Dalrimple    

Charles Session                                                       Tim Ortiz

Robert Edward                                                       Vernon Johnson

Daniel Brown                                                          David Woods

Christopher Sprowals                                            Russell Montgomery

Eric Gregory                                                           William King

Christopher Washington                                       Bernard Gardine


This process carried on for several years there after. Many have attempted to establish a chapter at Old Westbury, but the attempts failed for one reason or another. There was skepticism because of the geographical location in which Old Westbury was so close to C.W. Post.


Since Old Westbury and C.W. Post was approximately 1.3 miles apart they asked why should Old Westbury be granted its own chapter seat?  The Brothers lost sight of the effort because of not knowing chartering procedures. In an over all view, there was a feeling of being content at the chapter seat to remain at C.W. Post. NO ONE WANTED TO SHAKE THE BOAT!!!!



The Talented Tenth Revisited

During the spring semester of 1987 Brothers of Kappa Rho Chapter attending:

Old Westbury

Bro. William Fitzgerald Pearson

Bro. Jack Johnson*

Bro Wayne Sherman

Bro William Christopher Mazyck

L.I.U. C.W. Post University

Bro Melvin Mattocks, Jr.

Bro James Clark

Bro Antonio Workman

Stony Brook University

Bro Tony Llopiz

Bro.Michael Carrol

Bro.Michael Kelly

Bro.Brian Liferidge

   Bro Richard E. Velasco, Jr.*


We pay our respects to these brothers as our Forefathers, who taught us the business of Alpha and what it is to be an ALPHAMAN. These visionary men took the time to show us the light of Alpha and the true spirit of the Fraternity. They are Truly the Sculptures’ of the Chapter. Brother Michael Sinclair (SOLE INSPIRATION OF THE RHO KAPPA CHAPTER) whom attended S.U.N.Y. Collrge at Old Westbury agreed that most chapters should concentrate their efforts on the chapter seat, and there was a great deal of skepticism by the local brothers in the surrounding chapters regarding the quality of students attending Old Westbury and its ability to sustain a chapter, and even Bro. Sinclair’s rationale for having a chapter.  


Bro Sinclair began his investigation through inquiry during the late fall of 1987 after consulting the Area Director Brother Steve P. Cuffey (of Eta Theta Lambda) and the State Director Bro Oliver Davis ( of Gamma Iota Lambda. At this time it is very important to note that the College Brothers on Long Island were of very little assistance to Bro Sinclair ) Bro Sinclair noted that he needed a plan in order to get a chapter. The New York leadership in Alpha stated Kappa Rho should no longer initiate members from Old Westbury’s campus. The School’s Administration disliked Cross Campus pledging because of the increase in liability when you transport pledges and also because they had limited control over students who did not attend their own campus. In a case when a student from another school hazes a campus student , the school can only ban that student, they cannot put them through any further disciplinary actions.


During the Fall of 1987 semester, Kappa Rho chapter had a Smoker (Informational) at Old Westbury to determine if there was a substantial interest pool at Old Westbury . There was an overwhelming turnout which only strengthened the theory that Old Westbury was more than equipped to sustain a College chapter.

With the support of Jay Codrington, Albert Lucas Eastern Regional Assistant Vice President, Richard Velasco, Jr. Steve Cuffey, James Clark and especially Darren Morton (FATHER OF THE RHO KAPPA CHAPTER), a plan was devised to obtain a chapter. Brother Sinclair’s personal plan was used because of lack of input from other brothers.  At the time, Brother Sinclair thought he had to have a pledge line through another chapter (Eta Theta Lambda) in order to have 7 members enrolled at Old Westbury. Then the intent was to be active in community service, campus leadership, cultural development, erudition to prove that we are actively capable and committed to maintaining a chapter of the most prestigious Fraternity. 


No need to reiterate, the Alumni Chapter brothers were just as skeptical as the college brothers as many brothers knowingly deceived, pacified , ignored, degraded and quarreled with Brother Sinclair. At the request of Bro James Clark and Bro Richard Velasco, Jr. a letter was generated and sent to Area Director for help. The Sole Inspiration Of Rho Kappa Chapter (Michael M. Sinclair) had to seek help from Darren Morton who should be forever noted as the father of Rho Kappa Chapter. Bro Morton was the NY State Assistant Director, President, and Treasurer of Xi Psi chapter in 1988-1989 helped the situation by providing the necessary information, assisting, advocating, informing, endorsing, investigating and even giving financial support. His unparalleled efforts facilitated the process greatly.


By the school year of 1988 the interest group became restless and even disenchanted, but through the inner structure of the Fraternity a sense of hope emerged when Bro Larry Williams became the Director of Student Activities, The alumni chapter now felt they could trust and monitor a pledge program with Bro Williams' supervision and support (it is also important to know that Larry Williams was skeptical himself and often times threatened to impede progress). Another strike of fortune was the transfer of Bro Le Roy Ricksy from Omicron Rho Chapter at Ohio Wesleyan. His support and presence promoted Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. on Campus.


Brother Ernest William, President of Eta Theta Lambda 1988-1989 under Bro George Mims Direction as State Director investigated the feasibility of having a chapter at Old Westbury and met with an interested group at the college. The Interest Group desperate for Alpha formulated an on campus club called Aspiring Black Leaders (ABL) (changed in Spring 2004 to Aspiring Leaders (AL)) which performed many functions, forums, and services for the Community.


On February 29, 1989, Eta Theta Lambda chapter hosted a Smoker without proper notice, 28 men attended  with letters of interest. This made it impossible for the Leadership in Alpha to ignore that there was a substantial interest at the school. The decision was made to induct 5 men into the Sphinx Club after an interview. The interview was lobbied with the support of Bro Cuffey, Larry Williams  and Bro Morton. Five days later, under the Supervision of Darryl Dodson, Robert Thweat, and Ernest Williams 5 sphinxmen were made.

Hector L. Hicks

Darryl L. Barksdale

Richard Best

Rodney Arnold

Reginald Warren 

They were the Spring 1989 sphinxmen of Eta Theta Lambda Alumni Chapter. Six weeks and 1 day of an hectic harem/scarem’ ordeal tempered  with pride and glory, these men were initiated and seemingly drafted in a war already in progress. Very much like the Jewels they all possessed a certain trait which made them special in their own manner. On May 6, 1989 the Umoja Line had been initiated, they were not able to take their time to enjoy the Fraternity, they had a mission, they had to get their feet wet immediately and set higher goals for themselves for they were going to be Chapter Founders . They knew greater things were expected of them based upon the struggle they had to go through to become chapter members.

On Tuesday, August 1, 1989 at approximately 3:14pm(EST) in the last business session at the 83rd Anniversary Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas, it was moved and properly seconded by the general Body upon the recommendations of the Membership Standards and Extension committee that State University College At Old Westbury be granted a chapter. This said motion carried. The Chapter name was designated August 8, 1989 by Darryl Matthews upon Bro Sinclair’s recommendation as a MSE committee member.



The Chapter Charter Membership consisted of 8 distinguished and Honorable men:


Wayne Sherman-        Fall 1984 Kappa Rho, Koete Line #4- Known for his honor and discretion

Michael M. Sinclair   Spring 1987, Kappa Rho, Soldiers of a Dream  #5- Known for his merit

Le Roy Ricksy-          Spring 1988. Omicron Rho, Public Enemy #4- Known for his Arrogance

Hector L. Hicks -       Spring 1989 Eta Theta Lambda, Umoja #1 known for his Pride

Darryl L. Barksdale  Spring 1989 Eta Theta Lambda, Umoja #2 known for his vivid personality, humor

Richard Best -           Spring 1989 Eta Theta Lambda Umoja #3 known for his diligent service, Conservativeness

Rodney Arnold -        Spring 1989 Eta Theta Lambda, Umoja #4 known for his brotherhood spirit

Reginald Warren -    Spring 1989 Eta Theta Lambda, Umoja #5 known for his erudition



Spring.90                   Ushishiga                        Noel R. Gaskin                                 May 6, 1990


During the Spring semester of 1990 the chapter initiated their first line “ Ushishiga” which is word in which originated in Africa in the KiSwahili language which means the Sole Endurer. The One man who was initiated was Noel Roger Gaskin. A sophomore who was led to the light by his Dean of Pledges Le Roy Ricksy. Noel was very active in many campus organizations including Student Government. He also was very involved as a brother, he worked diligently to create, assist and implement chapter programs. Noel served as a Dean of Pledges and Vice President of the chapter. One of his most outstanding accomplishments for the school was he led a non Violent protest against the school which had national coverage in the media.



Spring 91              Amendala Aweatu                   Kasheed Abdul Malik                          March 9,1991

                                                                                   Gregory Balmir (Entered the Omega Chapter on 4/12/2015)

                                                                               Winford F. Cropper III


During the Spring semester of 1991 three more men were made brothers of Rho Kappa Chapter on the Amendala Aweatu Line which is a Kiswahili term which means “The Power is OURS”. 

Among those was a young man named Vernard Howard or now known to us as Kasheed Abdul Malik (KAM in short). KAM entered the fraternity under a great deal of skepticism and controversy. KAM  was Muslim and was involved in the Rap industry. He did not fit the stereotypical Alpha which made a few brothers uneasy. Noel fought diligently to bring him in stressing the Uniqueness of each individual as a person. Being different does not equate to being wrong or inferior. Kam later turned out to be one of the best brothers the chapter ever produced. He ran for Assistant Vice President of the Eastern Region of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., and He was chapter Vice President and Dean of Pledges on Campus. He was also  very active on campus. He was elected Student Government President 2 years consecutively, he was the president of the African People Organization (APO), he was involved in SASU, the Islamic Club, and Aspiring Black Leaders.

Gregory Balmir probably witnessed more as a brother of the chapter than anyone else. He knew the chapter founders who were in the chapter when he was initiated and he in turn took part in every initiation up until his graduation. He also held a position as Vice President of the chapter and Dean of Pledges. He gave the chapter a sense of pride and dignity as a campus organization. During the chapter’s early stages certain brothers had disputes with other factions on campus, Gregory made it emphatically clear that he was not going to tolerate any person who attempts to violate him or his brothers. This would mean he became the Might behind the chapter. Gregory is one of the more influential brothers in the chapter. He is not one for many words however, He can be described in an old African addage which says “He walks softly and carries a Big Stick”.

(Gregory Balmir has been involved in every initiation from 1991-2015, where he was initiated into the Omega Chapter).

Winford Frederick Cropper III (better known as NUNU) also left an impact on the chapter. This brother did not get to participate in many campus organizations because subsequently after he crossed he spent a year abroad studying in Europe.  Upon his return to the States he brought a sense of energy that stimulated the chapter. He was always known to be the first one on the party walk line or even the first to give a heart felt 06 on the yard. He is known to be one of the most fraternal brothers known. NuNu loved the Fraternity so much that it was apparent in everything he did to be the best at which he was. He lived by strong principles in which he felt everyone should understand. This did not always work out that easily, however, NuNu did earn his respect as a Brother, Leader, and a African Man and for this, he would probably die helping, mentoring and/or even building up another. A quality that very few possess. 




Fall 91                         Enuia                         Adione Marshall                      November 9, 1991

            LeeRoy Miller


During the Fall semester of 1991 two young men were initiated on the Enuia Line (which means A brotherhood bond that can not be broken) into the portals of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Rho Kappa Chapter. These men were Adione Marshall and LeeRoy Miller. 

Adione also was active in Student Government Association yet he did not develop into his potential until further on in his college years. Adione later went on to becoming the Chapter President successfully putting on several campus service programs and fundraisers.

LeeRoy was initiated with much controversy due to his previous thoughts and actions with the Organizations on campus. He was very active in the Student Government Association (SGA) and Brother Gaskin and Brother Malik lobbied heavily for his candidacy. The chapter defied all the brothers on Long Island to accept this young man. This brought about a great deal of pressure to the intake program and the brothers themselves. Richard Velasco, Jr and Darren Morton assisted Bro Gaskin and the Chapter Initiation program which at times was equally as controversial due to medical reasons. Bro Miller was initiated and immediately took on the challenges that were ahead of him. He immediately became a part of the chapter’s leadership. LeeRoy has always been known to be a fighter, he has always defied the odds stacked up against him. Beyond LeeRoy becoming chapter President he also became very active with the Fraternal politics and he remained active with Student Government Association serving as the Vice President. The irony is in the fact that neither brothers were expected to do very well in this brotherhood and they both went on to exceed all  expectations!!



Spring 92                    Kujichagulia              Christopher Smart                  March 14, 1992


Spring 1992 was a very hectic year in the history of Rho Kappa Chapter. Brother Ricksy, the last chapter founder, was the President of the chapter. Brother Malik was running for Assistant Regional Vice President. He was currently the President of Student Government Association and Brother Gaskin was Eastern Regional editor to the Sphinx Magazine, while serving as Vice President of S.G.A. Bro Miller was also serving as Vice President of S.G.A. We were doing the most activities on campus, we were well respected by administration and the campus body. During that year one young man was admitted for chapter membership. Christopher Smart was a solo on the Kujichagulia line (which is one of the principles of Nguzu Saba that means Self determination). Chris was determined to do the work of the Fraternity even if it meant doing it by himself. He was known as the baby of the chapter because he was initiated as a freshman and was very impressionable . He was the clearest example of a brother who was shaped by the fraternity. He literally grew up in the Fraternity, he later became the Chapter President and he was active in S.G.A. The year also was the turning point in the chapter history because immediately after he was initiated the chapter was suspended for "Inappropriateness." This was due to a controversial function that the chapter hosted called the Alpha Chip”N”Dale which was a Strip Show held in the Campus Center. The event was approved by Student Activities, and was the second time we had this event with no negative feedback. After a hearing the chapter was found guilty and was subsequently suspended for two years. This was a tremendous blow to the chapter which, at the time, was doing many great things. As a reflection, they learned from this experience, they realized that the chapter was ultimately hosted by the School, and that the school had every right to remove them for any reason indisputably. They thought they had charmed the school by doing the programs which propelled us to leaders of the campus. However at the hearing, the chapters arrogance contributed to its demise. The chapter did not take the hearing as serious as they should have, and the chapter president had some personal differences with Constance Batty who was the Vice President of Student Affairs. Needless to say, the Alumni chapter barely supported the chapter in the hearing process. The Chapter Adviser George Mims had been unable to attend the hearing, Darren Morton the Area Director attended as well as Steve Skinner the State/District Director attended. Two weeks later the chapter received a notice that they were to be suspended for two years by the School.



Fall 1992                     Askari Un Kutafuta Kuwashu        Serge DeVilme, Jr              December 5, 1992

                                                                                                 Irvin Herbert



During the fall semester of 1992, two men from SUNY College at Old Westbury had the will and desire to join the fraternity but it wasn't going to be an easy task. They soon found out that the Rho Kappa chapter seated at their school was not open for new initiate intake, so the brothers from that chapter introduced them to a way they could possibly become members that semester.  The two men were introduced to another chapter far out east in Suffolk County Long Island called the Rho Rho Chapter seated at Stony Brook University. The two men were very determined and decided that nothing would stop them from achieving their goal in becoming members of this illustrious organization, so they followed the lead of the the brothers and became members by way of the Rho Rho chapter but still held the integrity of the Rho Kappa Chapter. These two men are, Serge DeVilme, Jr. and Irvin Herbert.  Askari Un Kutafuta Kuwashu which means “Soldiers in Search of the Light.” These men are also known as Rho Kappa Chapter Members.



*******Spring 1995                    Kondoo Waliopotea                          Adekunle Omatade                 April 22, 1995*******

"Kondoo Waliopotea" or in english, "Lost Sheep." This intake semester there were many trials and tribulations in which the chapter went through and had to overcome. This Brother has a unique story in which will remain untold to those outside of the brotherhood.


Fall 1997                     Mlezi Fata Sahalia                    Ronald Wilson, Jr.                 November 22, 1997


Ronald Wilson Jr. is the first member to Pledge Rho Kappa Chapter attending C.W. Post Long Island University. He started his journey in the fall of 1995 and was chosen for induction in 1997. He crossed was initiated on November 22, 1997 at approximately 11:15 and 16 seconds. His line name is Mlezi Fata Sahalia which means Guardian of the

Light. He held a significant role in the chapter, becoming the chapter president from fall 1997 to spring 1999. He also served as director of intake in 1998. He was the secretary of the chapter in the fall of 1999 and 2000 while serving as the president of Kappa Rho Chapter seated at C.W post long Island University. His main focus was rebuilding the chapter located at C.W.  Post Long Island University and S.U.N.Y College at Old Westbury. This brother was know for his interracial programs such as Plantos, Collard Greens or Rice, Beans or Pea's and Rice which was our African American & Latinos Relations Programs.  He was also know for his Safe Sex workshops as well as participating in the fraternities national programs such as “A Vote-less People is A hopeless People and Project Alpha. His influence was acting as the middle man between the older brothers and younger brother in the chapter the have lost some of the sense and feel for a college campus since most at the time were inducted into the fraternity before 1995. 

Fall 1998                           Askari Simulizi                       Ricardo J. Francois          October 31st, 1998  


Ricardo James Francois, crossed Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., on October 31st, 1998 at Hofstra University @ 10:53 and 1 second that evening.  He was called Armageddon because he was the last to be inducted into the fraternity from C.W. Post through the Rho Kappa Charter. His line name, Askari Simulizi, which means “A Soldier Story,“ was chosen because of all the complications that he faced during his road to becoming part of the organization.  His Director of Intake, Ronald Wilson Jr., was also a brother in the chapter who attended C.W. Post. After his induction into the organization there where only 2 brothers in the chapter who went to C.W. Post so he automatically had to take on positions under the Kappa Rho Chapter at LIU C.W. Post, which included; Vice President, and Secretary. And at one point he held the position of President. With Ronald Wilson Jr., and Ricardo James Francois at C.W. Post the Rho Kappa Chapter had no reservations about these two brothers conducting the work of the Fraternity in the best way.



Fall 1999                                  Keperah                             Raymond L. Warren                   October 30, 1999


This brother was chosen for his strong personality and persistant tempermant.  A special interest was shown to him by Brother Darren Morton (Father of the Rho Kappa Chapter) who at the time was overlooking the state of the chapter.  Brother Warren was the first to be inducted into the Rho Kappa Chapter of ALpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. as a student at SUNY College at Old Westbury since 1995. Learning the workings of the Chapter was no simple task as he was forced to seek close help from the older brothers in the Chapter while keeping close contacts with the surrounding College and Universites. Not only did brother Warren hold every major position in the Chapter, but he also stayed active with different Clubs and Groups on campus. His leadership type character also lead him to holding the Vice President positions in Both The African People Organization (APO) and The Inter-Fraternal Sorroral Counsel (IFSC). With all that this exceptional brother was doing on campus he was still able to manage his academic studies as well as accept an invitation to step with The NYC A-Team which was and still is the area's #1 step team.



Spring 2000                         Unexpected                         Alex G. LaFontant                      March 25, 2000

Zisizotarajiwa, which means Unexpected was chosen because he began with a few and ended with none but himself. The name actually speaks for itself. But after his initiation as a freshman, Brother Lafantante eventually held every position in the chapter due to a lack of members in which quickly adapted with no struggle due to being one who needed none.  He was chosen to be a part of the NYC A-Team, and was one of few on campus to be part of a Greek Lettered Organization, as "greek life" was almost completely lost. This brother (with some help from a few others) played a major part in the greek life at SUNY College at Old Westbury. When student activities realized that greek life was slim to none talks of dropping all organizations from the campus began to arise. In his fight to keep the organizations on campus, they decided to give him one Meet the Greeks program to prove that all the organizations on campus would be in attendance even though many of them didn't have members on campus. He then contacted members of these org's and had them setup tables for the program. Student activities decided to keep greek life on campus. Brother LaFontante also played a role in the reactivation of the Kappa Rho Chapter seated at Long Islnad University (C.W. Post Campus).


Spring 2003                               Bakari                                Leonard P. Jones                        March 29, 2003

This interesting brother was known for his charisma and being very out going. After being initiated his freashman year, he was elected to the position of chapter Vice president for some years. He was also the Vice President of the Student Govornment Association (SGA) and held positions in the Black Student Union (BSU).  He was also called to be a part of the NYC A-Team whch was and still is the area's #1 step team.


Fall 2003                 Mdungugo Pagaro Na Silihina                    Jovanic Bontemps                          Nov. 15, 2003    


Jovanic was inducted in the presence of Brother Morton, Brother Balmir, Brother Miller, Brother Wilson, Brother Raymond Warren and Brother Alex Lafontant on the date of November 15th at the hour of 20:28 and fifteen seconds.  Brother Lafontant was the Director of Intake of this cluster.  The name Mdungugo Pagaro na Salihina means invincible amulet that wards off evil spirits or dangers and God-fearing man.  The name is derived from his firm belief that God is his strength and guide.  Brother Bontemps words were "As I relinquish myself to his control I become spiritually invincible."  Although he didn't begin his journey alone, he became a solo after another decided not to continue pursuing the Light of Alpha.  

A special interest was taken in him by Brother Le Roy C. Ricksy, Brother Hector L. Hicks, and a countless amount of brothers in the organization as well as many members of many Sororities within the Great Eight.

As a Brother he served as the Rho Kappa Chapter Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Intake Coordinator, Associate Editor to the Sphinx, and Parliamentarian. Brother Bontemps is also the founder of the beloved Yellow Rose Tuesday Program. (Traditionally held every first Tuesday of the month).



Spring 2004                         Zaliwa Upya                         Jerry L. Davis Jr.                     March 27, 2004

                                                                                           Reuven Bessard

                                                                                       Freddie L. McCoy III

                                                                                           Lawens Moreau

                                                                                           Karim E. French

                                                                                          Edward I. VanEss

                                                                                      Adeyinka J. Ogunlowo


These SEVEN MEN were inducted into the organization as what we call a Jewel Line. This is something in a traditional sense which means seven initiates inducted into the Organization like the SEVEN JEWELS who began the Fraternity. ZALIWA UPYA! In Definition, The Rebirth.  This was at a time when the chapter was regrouping and reconstructing. Of twenty two candidates to choose from, the Rho Kappa Chapter carefully made a decision on who would be so privileged to go through the Membership Intake Process and who would not. Of all the interested men, a small group of them stood out from the rest. In this group, they all had different characters and temperaments, but when together, created a powerful presence. The presence of future alpha men.

After reading literature's that was handed out by the Rho Kappa chapter at Meet the Greeks, an Open House, and Informational events many interested candidates learned about a club that the chapter made back in the 80's that taught what was necessary to become a black leader. The name of this club was Aspiring Black Leaders (ABL). In the fall semester of 2003 These seven men filed the paperwork and did what was necessary to get the club up and running but renamed it Aspiring Leaders (AL) to suit the time and the entire Old Westbury community. By the spring of 2004 the club was back in effect.

Jerry L. Davis Jr. (baby face) was the baby of the chapter who was inducted as a freshman who was very involved socially on the campus. From staring in plays on campus to being the most unpredictable person in the chapter after Leonard P. Jones he was always well rounded and able to adapt to any situation. As the youngest brother in the chapter, he was always underestimated regardless of his accomplishments yet he never let that hold him back. He was known to always exceed all expectations. Throughout the semesters he successfully held positions as President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Director of Intake, and for the committee's he served as the Chair of the Public Relations committee. He was also called to be a part of the area step team (NYC A-Team).

Reuven Bessard was inducted as a transfer/freshman that was always dedicated to the cause. But during the selection phase it was said that he did not fit the part due to his rough tough exterior. He was always very straight forward, all the while very calm and logical. As a Member of the Caribbean Student Union (CSU) and the President of Aspiring Leaders, this still was not enough for the brothers of the chapter. Reuven was looked at as a "Knuckle Head" and the older brothers of the Chapter were worried that the chapter didn't need that type of attention. Brother Lafantant spent time getting to know brother Bessard because they lived in the same building on campus. He knew that Brother Bessard was an upstanding individual. Brother Lafantant and Brother Balmir both took a liking to this individual and explained to the chapter what this brothers capabilities were. After induction, Reuven held several position. He was President (2 years unopposed), Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Director of Intake, Educational Coordinator, and in the committee's he held positions as the Budget Committee Chair and Community Service Chair. Reuven became a very influential brother in the chapter and earned his respect through programming (on and off campus), implementing all National Programs, assisting with the reactivation of the Kappa Rho Chapter Seated at Long Island University (C.W. Post Campus) in the Fall semester of 2006, being the link between the Older members to the new as well as the undergraduate chapter with the graduate chapters in the area, and being the voice of the chapter when causes above the chapter needed to be addressed by the Organizations National Administration. After being taught the basics of Greek stepping by Brother Alex G. LaFantant, Reuven became the Rho Kappa Chapter Step Master. Shortly after Reuven received a discrete call by Brother Jeff Johnson (Step Master of the most respected Alpha step team in the area) and was given the opportunity to be a part of the area Step team. (NYC A-Team). 

Freddie L. McCoy III came in as a Junior. This young man had an entrepreneur spirit from the very beginning. This brother was one never to hold back on what he wanted to do. He was the only student that the school called to DJ any Old Westbury event for the entire time he attended the school. As a brother in the chapter this brother held the positions of Financial Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Sergeant of Arms. In the Committees he served as a Budget Committee member.

Lawens Moreau was a second semester transfer. He was a very unique brother. He was known to all as a all around individual. He participated in Aspiring Leaders as the Treasurer and as a Brother in the organization he served as the Historian.

Karim E. French was a sophomore who was very into different things. He was known as witty and as an activist. This young man was a member of step tunes, Black Student Union (BSU), and the Caribbean Student Union (CSU). This brother was not one to be taken lightly. If there is an issue, question, or concern that he had it would definitely be heard. His fighting spirit and can do attitude lead him to put his all into everything. After entering the organization Karim, as a neophyte ran for the Rho Kappa Chapter President position and won. He later held the position as chapter secretary, and was called to be a part of the area step team. (A-Team).

Edward I. VanEss was a Senior. Edward was known to everyone as the laid back brother that was silent but productive with all of his endeavors. After his induction into the fraternity he became the chapter parliamentarian. He also served as the Editor to the Sphinx.

Adeyinka J. Ogunlowo was a Junior that knew the in's and outs of the campus and what needed to be done to improve it. He served as the Chapter Vice President as a neophyte and was also one who made himself heard. He also served as the president before his graduation from the school.

Every brother initiated from Zaliwa Upiya was able to hold a position as a neophyte. This is the largest group of brothers to ever come into the Rho Kappa Chapter. At this time the chapter had ten active brothers in the chapter and one brother who was no longer active in Rho Kappa but active in the general organization totaling eleven brothers. During this time the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha and Kappa Alpha Psi collaborated on the last Greek Step show at SUNY College at Old Westbury. These were also the men who gave birth to the Golden Round Table Discussion which is a forum that discusses what economic issues are going on at the present time. (Traditionally held every second Monday of each month).

Fall 2006          Wana Wa Mafarao Saba                          Kareem O. Harrison                    December 16, 2006

                                                                                               Isaiah W. Valentine


During the Spring semester of 2006, the chapter decided that there should not be any intake for the year. The reason for this decision was because of the centenial anniversery of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. As time went buy many aspirants asked questions and ect... Countless chapter meetings were held until one day, the chapter decided to have intake during the fall semester. Out of many; two were chosen.


Wana Wa Mafarao Saba which meeans Sons of the Seven Pharoah's came from not only the seven founders of the organization but being inducted into the Organization right after seven brothers in the chapter.


Kareem O. Harrison who was a transfer from Morrisville. Social, Intelligent, ambitious, and goal oriented. This brother had great qualities. He was a man that valued morals and ethics above popularity; was hard working and consistant with that; realized the importance of everyone's imput and was able to throw out criticism and take it at the same time; Constantly looked for new creative ideas with his responsibilities as how to enhance the systems of programs he threw with and without the chapter to make it more productive for everyone involved as well as being a great communicator. Bro Harrison participated in a variety of clubs on campus but held the position of President in Aspiring Leaders (a study group created by the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Rho Kappa Chapter in the beginning stageswhen it was called Aspiring Black Leaders, made into a recognized club on campus in Spr'04 when it was changed to Aspiring Leaders, and then reactivated in Fa'06) as well as held positions in the chapter as treasurer, and finacial secretary.

Isaiah W. Valentine was a Junior ant the time. This Brother was very active on campus before and after he was initiated into the organization. He held positions in the Black Student Union (BSU), Aspiring Leaders (AL) Vice President, Senior Club Vice President, and Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President 2006-2007. After his initiation Bro. Valentine held Positions in the chapter as well. President, Vice President, and Secretary. As chapter President (2007-2008) he lead the chapter in an Alpha Week consisting of varous community service programs that were lost throughout the years. (Aids Awareness where the chapter had the AID's truck come on campus and give free testiing and on the spot results, The Womans Appreciation Dinner during womans appreciation month in March which honored woman on campus for their endeavors academically, socially, and athletically through an awards dinner, The March of Dimes walk where the chapter not only walked but raised over $900 for the ccause, The Brest Cancer walk, the walk for the St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Go to High School Go to College program where the chapter mentored, tutored, and conducted an afterschool program where students learned a step for an exhibition for the senior graduation if all homework was completed in a timely manner at  schools in the NYC and Long Island area but mainly at Westbury H.S. in Westbury N.Y.



Spring 2008               Mata Keo Utafutgi Kwa                   Kristofer T. Payne                     April 15th, 2008

As an incoming freshman, brother Payne quickly befrended the brothers of the Chapter. Not only was he on the Deans List but his Presistance, Drive, Motivative Spirit, and Creative Ability did not go unnoticed. He was inducted as a Freshman and like most of the brothers in the chapter was thrown right into a position with great responsibility. As Vice President, Brother Payne directed the Chapter in a variety of successful programs and Community service events. He also held the positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Intake, Parlementarian, and Corresponding Secretary.



Fall 2008                        Rejeza Za Hiba                             Peter I. Onwu                      November 15th, 2008

                                                                                            Keith Rowson Jr.

These two individuals were a surprise to most. Again the Chapter was not excited to have intake two semesters in a row but after these Gentlemen Plead their case and proposed their intentions in the Organization as far as Educational, Social, and Cultural, the Chapter definately took the time to hear them out. After being inducted they debated their way to holding the President and Vice President positions in less than two years. These men showed their initiatives by beginning the paperwork on reclaiming Aspiring Leaders to become the leadership program geared towards helping students stay forcused in all of their scholastic endeavers as it was created to do by the brothers of this Chapter.

Peter I. Onwu was inducted as a Sophmore. He came in as the Chapter Treasurer. He later became the President of the Sophmore Class, and eventually held more positions in the chapter at different times. (President, Vice President, Director of Intake, Educational Coordinator, and Seargeant of Arms).

Keith Rowson Jr. was inducted as a Junior. He immediately ran for the position of Educational Coordinator where he implimented all of the fraternities National Programs by the end of the year.  He later debated the position of President and won which he held for two terms. He also held the position of Secretary and Corresponding Secretary.

Spring 2011                     Mtihani Wa Watu                     Charles James                     March 14th, 2011

                                                                                         Christopher D. Lowe

                                                                                             Aldwin Alcius

                                                                                           Ronald R. James

                                                                                          Jordan B. Salandy

                                                                                         Andrew J. Holloway

As the second largest group in the chapter inducted, these six men were of all different personalities. Between them keeping their gpa's at a standard high, they also found time to participated and hold positons in different goups. Some in the Hip Hop Club, some sat on the E-Board of a club called creations on campus.  Their community service on and off campus started before they were inducted into the organization. They spoke to their fellow student body about ways to be balance their social and educational lives, they assured the female body on campus with a safe walk during late hours by having monitors available with a simple phone call, and they attempted to network with other Colleges to find ways to collaborate in a variety of outside community services.

Charles James was inducted as a Sophmore and known for his wit and determination.

Christopher D. Lowe was inducted as a Sophmore and known for being able to adapt to any negative situation and turn it into a positive.

Aldwin Alcius was inducted as a Sophmore and known for his calm demeanor. 

Ronald R. James was inducted as a Freshman and known for his stronge will, intelligence, determination, and charismatic attitude.

Jordan B. Salandy was inducted as a Junior and known for his hard work, creative personality, honest ways, and his leadership qualities.

Andrew J. Holloway was inducted as a Senior and known for his intelligence, loyalty, and determination.



Spring 2013                  Nne Za Mwisho              Junius E. Evens III                      March 23rd, 2013

                                                                               Steffon D. Dunlop

                                                                             Chiedozie U. Osondu

                                                                             Dorian D. Drummond


Chapter Programing

The chapter has done many effective programs that have both enhanced the Old Wetbury Campus and the surrounding community. Our focus has always been to give an altruistic view of ourselves to ultimately impact 5 target areas essential to chapter programming. 



1. Scholarship and erudition  

2. Culture

3. Service ( on campus and in our Communities)

4. Leadership

5. Brotherhood 


Traditional Chapter Programming:

èCommunity Service program          û Internal brotherhood building

Fcampus fund raiser,             F Campus based Educational program


FSouth African Apartheid Forum                                        FDomestic Violence Forum

FThe Role of the African American Male Forum              FBlacks in the Bible Forum

FThe Black and Gold Pageant                                            FLip Synch/ Talent Contest

FBlack Light party                                                               FLock and Key Party

FYellow Rose Tuesdays                                                      FGolden Round Table Discussion

èHomeless Food and Clothing Drive                                 FChip- N- Dale*

èGo To High School -Go To College                                 FBanana Republic Party

èTutoring Westbury High School Students                       ûAnnual Chapter Founder’s Dinner

èWomans Appreciation Dinner                                          ûFamily Day

èAids Truck-free testing and on the spot results


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